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It may feel like you’re in the loneliest phase of your life right now—but I’m here to tell you I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (returned it), and bought it again FOR GOOD. 
It may feel like you’re in the loneliest phase of your life right now—but I’m here to tell you I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (returned it), and bought it again FOR GOOD. 
And so have the 350,000+ other Path members to date. (Yes, that’s a real number, and YES I’m floored and humbled by it still.)
Tell me this doesn’t feel *eerily familiar*...
  • There’s been a tiny voice whispering in the back of your head for months—maybe years—that it’s time for something to change. You act like you don’t know what that something is… but you do.
  • ​You’ve tried the Dry Months, signed up to be the weekend DD, and made yourself (broken) promise after (broken) promise.
  • ​Memories from the night before are becoming harder to remember… and the next day shame is becoming louder.
  • ​Mornings are plagued with anxiety, physical discomfort, and a slow start to the day as you try to ‘fake it til you make it’ back from hangover hell.
  • ​There’s a noticeable (and not great) shift in your physical health: poor sleep patterns, gut issues, less than vibrant skin.
  • ​But worse, you’ve noticed your mental health declining—and everyone around you notices it too. Shorter temper with the kids? More frequent clashes with your spouse. Negative—perhaps, are more common than ever before.
Whew, did I touch a nerve? The truth stings, I know.

The only difference is that when I was going through the THICK OF IT, I had to figure it out myself. Or at least I thought I did.

Because I wasn’t going to AA.

I didn’t have a community that understood the fear, pain, and confusion I was experiencing.
And I knew more than anything, I couldn’t keep things as they were.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone—because now you have The Path: 365 to give you the tools, accountability, community, and blueprint to take back control and make drinking an insignificant part of your life.
Ready to live a life you wake up excited to experience? It starts HERE.


So what IS The Path: 365?

So what IS The Path: 365?

What If I Said, “It’s the Cheat Code to Life!”

The Path is a science-backed, compassion-based, joy-focused 12-month program that leverages brain research—aka neuroscience—to disconnect your emotional and subconscious ties to alcohol, so you don't crave it anymore.

Unlike the MANY behavior-based programs out there, we don’t just leave it up to your willpower—which is scientifically proven to be limited and sets you up for failure—but instead work to uncover the root of your drinking in the first place in a safe and compassionate community of people who simply GET IT.
100% built on the extensive research of leading neuroscientists, PhDs, MDs, therapists, and more. Because you know, facts matter.
The Path teaches you how to find freedom from even thinking about drinking, choose the role alcohol plays in your life, and decide what makes you feel healthy and fulfilled.
This means you slowly but surely begin to feel…
  • More energized from the moment you open your eyelids (bye-bye sleepless nights and sluggish starts!)
  • ​Prouder of the daily choices and actions you take (and not anxious of the actions you took the night before!)
  • ​Confident in social settings without the crutch of alcohol
  • ​Lighter in your movements: reduced joint inflammation, improved gut health, and even weight loss are frequent benefits of shifting your drinking habits
  • ​Happier in your outlook on life, in your relationships, and most importantly, in your self-value
  • ​Inspired to rediscover the things you love most in life but maybe put on the back burner for far too long
  • ​Reconnect with an authentic version of you that you may have lost touch with along the way
The Path: 365 is a cheat code for creating a life you absolutely love.


The 3 C’s: Why The Path Works

The 3 C’s: Why The Path Works

  • Content: We’ve carefully curated the expertise and research of the leading neuroscientists, PhD’s, and more to create the foundation of our 12-month science-backed, compassion-led content. That’s instant access to our full library of video trainings, masterclasses, and weekly dripped content and lessons AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. 
  • Coaching: Learn how to put down the shame and blame, and see your life through a new lens with LIVE weekly coaching calls that are fun, supportive, action-oriented, and impactful. (Can’t make it LIVE, you’ll never miss a call with the replays we send!)
  • Community: This is where accountability and compassion meet—and lives are changed forever. Sounds intense… because it is. It’s the community aspect that truly makes a difference on your journey.
And best of all? Everything is available with a click of a button in the app or on your desktop—private, safe, and accessible when you need it most.

Say Goodbye to Battles With Willpower and Life On Autopilot 

Say Goodbye to Battles With Willpower and Life On Autopilot 


  • You’re unaware alcohol is the problem.
  • ​Which means you can’t recognize or fix it.
  • ​Life feels stuck and meh, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Good news —--->> You’re reading this RIGHT NOW, which means you’re no longer asleep and ready for change.


  • Finally, a realization that alcohol is a problem (ahem, THE problem).
  • ​Yes, this step hurts; after so many failed attempts to quit, it feels impossible to move forward.
  • ​You’re scared to give up your crutch—what does life even feel like on the other side? (Spoiler: it’s amazing.)

Good news —---->> You can skip the AVERAGE 6-8 years of being aware but struggling by joining The Path.


  • This is where you begin to heal, get curious about alcohol, and learn the science behind your habits and choices.
  • ​You recondition your subconscious beliefs, regain self-trust, and make better choices.
  • ​Finally conscious of the problem and capable of fixing it, BUT most programs stop here, causing failure.

Good news —--->> The Path does NOT stop here… and neither should you. Keep going (there’s magic waiting!)


  • Mastery over alcohol with no conscious effort because your neural pathways have been repatterned.
  • ​Effortlessly capable and truly free for the first time… EVER.
  • ​Alcohol is irrelevant to your day-to-day success, joy, health, and choices. Again, you.are.FREE.

GREAT NEWS —---->> This can be your life.



12 Months of PATH Program Content ($5,757 USD Value)

Live Q&A Coaching Sessions ($1,663 USD Value)

​​Weekly Group Laser Coaching Zoom Calls ($1,297 USD Value)
Private Coaching-Group Community ($297 USD Value) 

*NEW* Monthly Live Group Coaching With Annie Grace ($5,964 USD Value)
BONUS 1: TNM's On-Demand Masterclass Library ($997 USD Value)
BONUS 2: Helping A Loved One Course ($297 USD Value)

BONUS 3: How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol Masterclass ($497 USD Value)
12 Months of PATH Program Content……………............................................………..........($5,757 USD Value)

​​Weekly Group Laser Coaching Zoom Calls.........................................................………… ($1,297 USD Value)
Private Coaching-Group Community.................................................................……………... ($297 USD Value) 

BONUS 1: *NEW* Monthly Live Group Coaching With Annie Grace .................. ($5,964 USD Value)
BONUS 2: TNM's On-Demand Masterclass Library....................………...................…....($997 USD Value)
BONUS 3: Helping A Loved One Course ..........................................................…...………….($297 USD Value)

BONUS 4: How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol Masterclass.............…………….($497 USD Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $15,106

Join Today: ONLY $1,997

Or get started today for just $197 with our 12-part extended payment plan!

Hey there, I’m Annie Grace.

Hey there, I’m Annie Grace.

  • Former Corporate Jet Setter
  • ​Self-Proclaimed Brain Nerd
  • ​Compassionate joy-Seeker
Just to name a few, of course.

In 2015 I went from my flashy CSuite title and brokering deals over booze to digging deep into neuroscience and discovering my own personal WHY, so I could shift my relationship with alcohol—and ultimately break free from the control it had on life.

Since then I’ve helped over 350,000+ to do the same. I can’t wait to help you navigate your own Path toward freedom + joy, too.

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Thousands Already Live FULLY ALIVE

The Path: 365 is for you when you’re ready to:

The Path: 365 is for you when you’re ready to:

  • Have the right tools, coaching, and accountability to take back control over alcohol
  • ​Never worry about your next drink again
  • ​Join a community of people who are prioritizing health and freedom over drunken nights and next-day hangovers
  • ​Say YES to a life that fills you up rather than takes from you 
  • ​Regain your childlike joy that only comes from being free from drinking and life-dampening habits

Shaking Your Head YES! YES! YES!? 
We Start August 1st — Join Us Today!

Don’t Forget: Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee Makes This a Win-Win For You!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What if I am already alcohol-free, but still think about drinking?
Yes, if you’re still thinking about drinking, The Path is for you. Most programs stop at changing the behavior, and that’s great, but there’s so much more than just changing the behavior. 

True freedom lies in the subconscious conditioning around the behavior. This is where you finally feel like you aren’t missing out and you won’t even think about alcohol anymore. 

We don’t stop until there is no longer a mental or emotional struggle around alcohol. That is what makes The PATH so different.

Most people stop drinking within just a few months of starting The PATH, which is amazing! (And if you are already alcohol-free that is great!) 

Then we focus on moving from AWAKE (no longer doing the behavior), to becoming truly ALIVE, where not drinking is effortless. 

Just as easy as riding a bike. It takes no brain power at all and you are truly happy about it!!

 Why a year? That seems so long? And what if I join & discover it is not for me?
This is a REALLY important question. Please watch this video for a really important answer.

There is no risk. And everything to gain. I believe in this so much that if, one year from today, you’ve completed The PATH and don’t feel happily in control, The PATH is free.

If you’ve participated in the full year and are not satisfied, you can request a full refund - even after going through the entire program.

 What if I can’t afford it?
It’s true that you are more invested when you pay for something. Whatever you’re paying for regularly, you give your time to. I believe you’ll show up, watch the videos, and do the work by investing in yourself.

This program is $6.50/day. In a survey done in one of our previous programs, the average person was spending $17/day on alcohol. So, in some ways, this program is actually saving you over $200 per month! Another way to look at this is that you are getting 37 LIVE coaching sessions for $197 per month - that is just over $5 / session. 

Not to mention all the other value. There is not a better value out there if you are truly ready to change your relationship with alcohol.

 I’ve tried everything, I don’t think this will work for me?
Being unsure or skeptical actually has nothing to do with the results you’re going to get. 

We think we have to know something works before we take the first step, but all we really need is to have faith and begin. I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but I can promise you that it has worked for thousands of other people. The information is based on science - it’s just true, and not like anything you’ve ever tried before. 

You’ll have to take the chance and try it to see if it works for you.

 What is the time commitment involved?
The Coach-guided PATH is a year-long program. 

Did you know according to Molly Carmel, LCSW, the average time someone takes to stop drinking once they start trying to stop drinking is 6 years? 

If you’re serious about quitting drinking, this is your best chance to achieve it within a year. Not to mention, we recommend having support for a full calendar year to get you through the tough times and experiences you’ll go through as you do this work. Although many programs stop after the behavior is changed, we don’t stop until our desire to engage in the behavior is changed. We understand a year is a big commitment and we know you deserve to stay committed to lasting change for yourself and your life.

The daily commitment is between 6 and 20 minutes (or you can get lost in this incredible community and the bonus content for hours!). But plan on spending at least a few minutes a day engaging with the content. 

The weekly commitment is an hour for your weekly group coaching call. They are not mandatory, but we highly recommend joining as many as possible. They will soon become your favorite part of the week. 

 How Long Do I Have Access to the Content?
As long as you are an active member inside the PATH, you will have access to the content! If you leave the program before your class ends, you will be removed from the membership area. Once you complete your year in The PATH, you will have lifetime access to the content. 

 How is The PATH different from the Intensive?
The Intensive is wrapped into The PATH by This Naked Mind (at a much more affordable price point!), and is included as a bonus when you purchase The PATH today. 

This program (when paired with The PATH) has the power to profoundly change your life. And that’s not hype — that’s based on results from thousands of people all over the world who have found freedom from this course. 

 When are the coaching calls?
The Coaching Calls are going to be dictated by your coaching-group. We aim to work with the group to find the best possible times for the calls. You will also have multiple calls each week to choose from so I am confident there will be a time that will work for your schedule. 

 What is the benefit of group coaching over 1:1 coaching?
Both group coaching and 1:1 coaching are important and have their place.

I do think group coaching has advantages that 1:1 doesn’t have. For example, when you get to see and hear other people’s stories and feel less alone, when you get the answers to questions you might not have thought to ask but others do, and when you get new information from a group coaching session that isn’t necessarily geared towards you or your goals, but it ends up benefiting you.

If you are not interested in live coaching, check out our self-study program - The PATH: On-Demand.

 I’m worried about privacy, is this on Facebook?
We take your privacy very seriously and so we’ve invested in our very own, off-social media platform - This Naked Mind Companion App hosted by Mighty Networks. 

It has all the same great functionality as any social community, but since it is in a separate app, separate website, and separate login - you can be as private as you would like.

You won’t have to worry about: accidentally posting on your main page, your friends and family seeing that you are part of The PATH, or other members seeing personal information you would rather keep private. It is a great solution - where we have even better features, but again maintain your privacy.

In fact, if you want to join under a pseudonym to ensure anonymity you are welcome to do so as you can set up your name in the Community to anything you would like.


What could the next 14, 30, 90, 365 days look like for you? One word: free. As one Path member said, “It’s never too late to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.” 

We couldn’t agree more—the first step is yours.

I Believe In The Path: 365 SO Much, I Guarantee You THIS…

If you decide within the first 14 days that The PATH isn't for you, we'll give you a full refund. After 14 days, you are committed for a year.

However, if after completing the full year and showing proof of participation, you still don’t feel a mindset shift in your relationship with alcohol, you can request a full refund. It’s THAT simple.


If you experience severe withdrawal symptoms like delirium tremens or hallucinations when cutting back on alcohol, you may have a physical addiction.

While The Path: 365 can help with the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction by changing your perspective on alcohol, it is not a substitute for medical care. If you feel you are physically addicted, please consult your doctor for medical assistance during detox. Your health is essential!

Xo, Annie + the This Naked Mind Team


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