The PATH to the Life You Desire Where Freedom Rules and Failure No Longer Defines You



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Learn how to STOP constantly thinking about alcohol, STOP relying on willpower and START taking back control of your drinking...easily!

  • You’ve tried to live a life free from alcohol’s demand… 
  • You’ve read books, gone to meetings, bought courses… 
  • ​You’ve gotten so close, but at some point, life happened… 

And so here you are. Let me share a secret with you…

YOU’RE in the right place. The PATH to the life you desire. No matter how many times you’ve tried before. Starts. Here. 


The PATH is a science-backed, compassion-led, 365-day program focused on extensive research on how the brain’s ability to change and form new habits can get you from the pain, guilt, and hopelessness you feel today to the freedom of effortlessly enjoying the beautiful life you desire.

Instead of focusing on just the behavior, The PATH is the ONLY program in the world that effortlessly disconnects the emotional and subconscious ties you feel to alcohol so you don't even want it (or think about it) anymore! 

That means YOU get to choose the role it plays in your life. YOU become the captain of your own ship. YOU control your body. And YOU decide what makes you feel the healthiest, allows you to have the most fun, and what a fulfilled life looks like to you. 

Past Failed Attempts Are Not Your Fault

I’m about to share something a bit controversial, but true. And if there’s one thing you can ALWAYS count on from me, it’s that I’ll tell you the truth NO MATTER WHAT. 

So, let’s get real. 

Most programs, unknowingly, set you up for failure because they STOP with the behavior. They measure success by the absence of drinking, no matter how strong your desire for it might still be. 

That means the only thing standing between your success and failure is willpower or self-control. But that’s not enough because willpower is inconsistent and may not be there the moment you need it most. 

That’s exactly how I failed. EVERY. TIME. 

See, I tried it all too but it always felt wrong to me!

I’d try to stop drinking but I was never happy about it. In fact, it felt like even though I wasn’t physically drinking, I was still consumed by alcohol. 

Mentally, I spent way more time and energy NOT doing it than I ever did physically drinking. It never felt like freedom…

And yet, according to most programs, I was a SUCCESS because that’s where they stop - behavior. 

It’s not until I retrained my brain to NOT DESIRE to drink that I experienced real and long-lasting freedom. 

The PATH by This Naked Mind works on more than just your behavior. 

We dive into the root of all behavior = DESIRE, so you NEVER have to FAIL again. 

That’s why people report it feels like a magic trick (or The Force!). 

Imagine Living a Life Where...

  • You can take it or leave it.
  • ​You're no longer fixated on that next drink.
  • ​You don't miss drinking AT ALL.
  • You don't even have a desire to drink.
  • ​You never have to worry about "falling off the wagon."
Imagine what each moment of your life will feel like when the SPACE in your mind, heart, and thoughts are FREE from the demands of alcohol. 

Sound too good to be true?

That’s okay! The 350,000+ others who have found freedom from alcohol with This Naked Mind were just as skeptical. And you know what, skepticism is a GOOD THING! It means you have the exact right combination of curiosity, intellect, and judgment to ensure your success. 

But don't just take our word for it...

FACT: You've Done Hard Things Before.

The truth is, you’ve done hard things in your life. You’ve been through times you thought you’d never recover. Moments you thought your world would never be the same. 

Take a minute and think about that time in your life. 

What happened? 

  • Maybe it was the death of a loved one or someone instrumental in your life. 
  • Maybe you lost a job you needed or maybe you were fired without reason. 
  • ​Maybe you spent the last dollar in your account with no idea how you’d pay the mortgage that month. 
  • ​Maybe a relationship ended, a pet died, or a health crisis struck unexpectedly. 

Whatever it was...

You made it through!

Here you are! In your darkest moment, you weren’t sure you had what you needed to bounce back…

But YOU DID and now, even though you’ll never forget it, you move about life without it controlling your every action. 

And you know what? 

Releasing the need to drink will be the same. 

What if NOT drinking was effortless?... Easy?… Without even a thought? 

No matter how IMPOSSIBLE it may feel right now - just like the hard things you’ve been through in the past - effortless FREEDOM IS POSSIBLE and if you’ll allow me to, I’ll show you The PATH to it. 

The PATH can lead you to freedom. NOT just from drinking alcohol, but from your DESIRE to drink alcohol. 

And when that happens…

  • You WON’T fight cravings
  • You’ll NEVER deal with FOMO and feel like you’re missing out
  • ​You WON’T live in fear around social situations
  • ​You WON’T feel weak and powerless

Instead, you’ll feel STRONG, in CONTROL, & POWERFUL! You might start feeling sorry for drinkers (I know. Crazy, right?). 

See, without DESIRE, temptation doesn’t exist. When you eliminate the DESIRE to drink…


And you’ll have a brand new opportunity to live joyful, happy, and TRUE to who you know you are meant to be in the life you desire. 

Your 4 Step PATH to Living Fully ALIVE and FREE

  • A PATH to JOY & PEACE without rules, pain, cravings or missing out.
  • ​A PATH customized specifically for YOUR success.
  • ​​A PATH that can change your life forever.
  • A PATH that's proven & successfully trodden by thousands before you.
  • ​A PATH with community & coach-guided support so you never have to go at it alone.
  • ​A PATH, unlike anything you've ever walked before.


At this step, you don't even realize alcohol is the problem.

  • You are unaware.
  • ​You don't know what you don't know.
  • ​You're unconscious of the problem (it has not made itself known)
  • ​You are incapable of doing anything about it.

In my life, being ASLEEP sounded like this:

“Things just kinda suck. I’m always anxious, always tired, often upset, and short-tempered, but I don’t really know why. At least I have my wine.” 

But there is good news... you are no longer ASLEEP! Because you are here. You are ready to make a change.


This step HURTS. It can be filled with pain. But this is the step you're currently standing on. The part where you join The PATH

  • ​“Oh, S%*#T!” Why?” dominates your thoughts as you realize alcohol is a problem. 
  • ​You feel like alcohol is your best friend - what’s keeping your life together.  
  • You try lots of things to fix it, but fail every time leaving you feeling more discouraged than ever. 

The average person who has successfully gone through The PATH & lives happily free from alcohol spent 6-8 years on this step. 

Who has time for that?

Wouldn’t you rather skip the YEARS of struggle and go straight to the strong, powerful, in control, happy, and authentic life you desire?

Once on The PATH, you move to the next step. 


This is where MOST programs STOP, causing you to FAIL. (But not The PATH)

  • You put down the weapons of shame & blame.
  • ​You allow yourself to heal.
  • You get curious about alcohol - maybe even timing how long it takes for the drink to make you feel good.
  • ​You start to learn all the science. 
  • ​You begin to recondition your subconscious beliefs.
  • ​Your beliefs & desires start to change. 
  • ​You regain faith and trust in yourself & your ability to make good choices.
  • ​You start to use the front of the brain (prefrontal cortex) again.
  • ​You are now conscious of the problem AND begin to be capable of fixing it.

This is a glorious stage! You’re filled with hope. You’re AWAKE and proud of yourself for the incredible decisions you’re making… but it can’t last.

Without THE PATH, AWAKE is as far as you can ever get. It’s NOT your fault, this is just where MOST programs leave you to fail. 

Hope restored.
Behavior changed.
Job done.


You must keep going!

There's more for you beyond alcohol...

There's MAGIC...

And it's the NEXT step...


This step is mastery over alcohol. It’s effortless enjoyment of your new change.

  • ​Your neural pathways have repatterned themselves (we’ll dive into the science of HOW on THE PATH!)
  • ​ NOT drinking is SO easy - it takes NO conscious effort at all. 
  • You can take it or leave it because you’ve CHANGED the structure of your brain. 
  • ​You LIVE fully ALIVE without the struggle, emotions, or energy it took to drink (or not drink). 
  • ​The world is your oyster - you’ve arrived. YOU’RE FREE.  
  • ​You are effortlessly, unconsciously CAPABLE. 

This is TRUE freedom. 

This is the goal of THE PATH by This Naked Mind

We don’t stop at the behavior. 

We seek TRUE FREEDOM MASTERY - The effortless enjoyment of your new way of life through a repatterning of your subconscious & physical neural pathways. 

How The PATH Works

THE PATH is the only world-class program focused on extensive research on how the brain’s ability to change and form new habits can get you from the pain, guilt, and hopelessness you feel today to the freedom of effortlessly enjoying the beautiful life you desire. 

But I’ve not built it on my own! I’ve involved leading neuroscientists, MDs, PhDs, best-selling experts and authors, psychiatrists, therapists, as well as my extensive research. 

As a result, THE PATH is built on 3-key pillars supporting your lasting & transformational change.

Once You Join The PATH, You’ll Get Immediate Access 

EVERY SINGLE video course, training, masterclass, & program Annie Grace & This Naked Mind has ever created - INSTANTLY at your fingertips. 

  • This is your LIFELINE

This information speaks not only to your conscious but your subconscious, rewiring and repatterning it for effortless freedom from alcohol. 

  • This is your RESET BUTTON

This is your chance to restore your brain to your pre-drinking settings (like when you were a kid and you didn’t need to drink to have fun or relax). 



Get Better & Faster Results WHILE Enjoying Your Journey

This is NOT accountability like you’ve ever heard of before. The PATH Coaches DON’T hold you accountable for not drinking. 

They NEVER shame or blame you. They only encourage you to be GENTLE with yourself - no matter what. 

  • This is your GRACE-BASED, COMPASSION-LED journey.

We’ll help you put down those weapons of blame & shame that have stripped you of your self-worth and kept you stuck. 


Life happens - even on The PATH - and sometimes you can’t wait a week for the answer you need. We’ve accounted for that too! Within THE PATH you can hop on for the support you need. 

The RIGHT Community Creates & Speeds Up Change

We’ve strategically set The PATH up to connect you to the RIGHT community for maximum impact on your journey. 

  • This is your 4-MINUTE MILE.

When Sir Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, we all learned something incredibly important… Once we see something IS POSSIBLE, it STOPS being impossible. And with enough training, it’s even possible for US. 

  • This is your BRAIN’S PROOF. 

When you engage with the right community - one where people, right in front of your eyes, are achieving the results you want, your subconscious mind will start to believe the same freedom and happiness is possible for YOU.


What You Get When You Join The PATH

(Besides freedom, joy, happiness, and the life you desire...)

12 Months of PATH Program Content ($5,757 USD Value)

Live Q&A Coaching Sessions ($1,663 USD Value)

​​Weekly Group Laser Coaching Zoom Calls ($1,297 USD Value)
Private Coaching-Group Community ($297 USD Value) 

*NEW* Monthly Live Group Coaching With Annie Grace ($5,964 USD Value)
BONUS 1: TNM's On-Demand Masterclass Library ($997 USD Value)
BONUS 2: Helping A Loved One Course ($297 USD Value)

BONUS 3: How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol Masterclass ($497 USD Value)
12 Months of PATH Program Content……………............................................………..........($5,757 USD Value)

​​Weekly Group Laser Coaching Zoom Calls.........................................................………… ($1,297 USD Value)
Private Coaching-Group Community.................................................................……………... ($297 USD Value) 

BONUS 1: *NEW* Monthly Live Group Coaching With Annie Grace .................. ($5,964 USD Value)
BONUS 2: TNM's On-Demand Masterclass Library....................………...................…....($997 USD Value)
BONUS 3: Helping A Loved One Course ..........................................................…...………….($297 USD Value)

BONUS 4: How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol Masterclass.............…………….($497 USD Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $15,106

Join Today: ONLY $1,997

Or get started today for just $197 with our 12-part extended payment plan!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

The PATH Comes With Everything You Need to Succeed

(We've held NOTHING back!)


Knowledge is pivotal when it comes to change. Our science-based, grace-led content takes years of research on alcohol use, psychology, mindset, behavior change, and more, and presents it to you in a way that is relevant and useful. Rather than spending your time looking for answers, you'll have them at your fingertips anytime you start to think - "I wonder why..."

($5,757 USD Value)


Get the support you need, right when you need it! Have peace of mind knowing the next time ‘life happens’ you’ll have the support you need to stay on THE PATH.  

($1,663 USD Value)


This is a grace-based, compassion-led journey. 
Your certified TNM COACHES lead you and your coaching group through The PATH in a way that gives you quick results while enjoying a lot of fun, support and love along the way. 

($1,297 USD Value)


We tailor this experience for YOU specifically. As your coaches get to know you and your group, they become your personal guides - ensuring a better, faster, and more fun journey. Over time, this becomes your COMMUNITY filled with people who know you, have your back, and love you. It’s a really incredible place. 

($297 USD Value)

Plus, Receive Over $7,755 Worth of Bonuses When You Join The PATH Today!

This Naked Mind's On-Demand Masterclass Library

We’re opening The TNM Masterclass Library full of our most impactful Masterclasses from Annie Grace and our Master TNM Coaches! Enjoy immediate access to classes like "The Cost of Alcohol," "Hack Your Cravings," "How to Smash a Sober Life," "The Art of Intentional Living," and so much more!

($997 USD Value)

*NEW* Monthly LIVE Group Coaching with Annie

Added by popular demand, The PATH: 365 is now offering monthly LIVE group coaching with Annie Grace! Come together each month with all of our PATH: 365 groups to get your questions answered as well as the support and guidance you need from the PATH creator herself!

($5,757 USD Value)


A special course for your partner during your time in The PATH. Support doesn’t stop with us. If you have a loved one you’d like to encourage you on your journey, we’ve created a special course just for them. 

($297 USD Value)


As parents we want the best for our kids - and many times that means “don’t do what I did!” In this course, Annie is going to break down what she’s learned about talking to your kids about your journey, and how you can do it in a way that really connects.

($497 USD Value)

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

What Joining The PATH Has Done 
for Thousands of Others

(and what it can do for YOU too!)

Is The PATH Right for You? 

The PATH by This Naked Mind is perfect for you IF…

  • You’re of two minds about drinking. You want to drink less but also feel like something is missing when you don’t drink.
  • ​You wonder if alcohol is taking more from you than it's giving back? 
  • ​You’ve tried to quit before (possibly many times) by using willpower and it didn’t work - which makes you feel frustrated, weak, and defeated by alcohol.
  • ​​​You try to drink less but find that life is super stressful lately.
  • ​You have a love/hate relationship with alcohol. You set drinking limits in the morning and then blow right by them once happy hour rolls around.
  • ​You’re drinking more than you ever wanted to, without ever making a choice to do so.
  • ​​​You can go a few days without alcohol but it feels miserable like you’re being deprived of something important.
  • ​You’re ready to regain complete control over your drinking habits, life, health, happiness, and freedom.
  • ​You want to feel truly ALIVE on a Saturday night and feel even better on Sunday morning.
  • ​You no longer drink but you still miss it, think about it, and are truly ready for it to be small and irrelevant in your life.
  • You’re ready for the commitment. Not because you are actually ready but because you are just so sick and tired of how things have been and you know somewhere inside of you that this one decision might just change EVERYTHING.

OR is The PATH NOT Right For You?

If you’re not serious about changing your drinking (forever) and aren’t ready to invest your time and attention into an intensive and comprehensive program, The PATH is NOT for you (yet!). 

We do, however, have several other programs that might be a better fit for you. 

When you join The PATH you COMMIT. This is where the rubber hits the road and your life changes FOREVER…


Now, forever is a long time and it TAKES time to get there. This is not a quick fix (remember those are what you’ve tried and have kept you stuck for years already). 

Instead, it’s an INVESTMENT of time. 

When you INVEST one year of your life, you gain FOREVER in return. 

Is it crazy to consider investing 1 year of healing, support, change, and (yes, even) fun in order to gain back the next 10, 20, 30, 60 years? 

No! Right? 

But I won’t sugar-coat it either. A year-long program takes commitment. 

Commitment to say goodbye to - 

>> Regret
>> Physical distress
>> Emotional bondage
>> Circular, miserable thoughts
>> Failure

… and so much more!

Can I tell you a secret you’ll learn if you join The PATH? 

Yes - it’s a year-long commitment… BUT… you’ll start seeing changes right away!

Most PATH members stop drinking entirely about 4 months in and soon advance to effortlessly enjoying life truly free and happy about it. 

In fact, over 75% of The PATH participants reported they were happy with the decision they made. They felt their change was effortless and alcohol now holds the same emotional charge as a glass of motor oil. They just don’t want it. 

So if you can’t commit to a year of intention in order to eliminate your desire to drink and effortlessly enjoy a life of true freedom, then The PATH isn’t for you (and please check out our other programs more suited to where you are on your journey). 

BUT IF you if you’re ready to give this a chance and commit - it could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


Hi! I’m Annie Grace, Founder of This Naked Mind. Although my journey with alcohol may look different than yours, I know many of our struggles for freedom are the same. 

My relationship with overdrinking began at 26 when I became the youngest Vice President in a multinational company’s history. Over the next 9 years, I leaned on alcohol to “balance” the stress I experienced climbing the corporate ladder.
By 35 I was in a global C-level marketing role, responsible for 28 countries and drinking nearly two bottles of wine a night. It was one of those nights I decided my professional success came at a personal price I was no longer willing to pay. 

Even though I knew alcohol wasn’t serving me in my life any longer, I was terrified of trying to suffer through life in a daily battle for sobriety. I didn’t want to feel deprived and constantly deal with the temptation to drink. But there just wasn’t any program out there that helped me long-term and without suffering. 

So I set out on a PATH not yet created. I learned to strip alcohol of its power and change my beliefs about booze being a reward. I literally revamped my brain. And now today, I help others across the globe do the same. 

Through a grace-based and compassion-led approach, I offer a proven alternative to the largely ineffective recipe for so-called “success”—the one that says anything less than 100% abstinence is failure. 

Instead of teaching people to be sober, I teach them how to eliminate their desire to drink altogether and I’d be honored to help you do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

>> What if I am already alcohol-free, but still think about drinking?
Yes, if you’re still thinking about drinking, The Path is for you. Most programs stop at changing the behavior, and that’s great, but there’s so much more than just changing the behavior. 

True freedom lies in the subconscious conditioning around the behavior. This is where you finally feel like you aren’t missing out and you won’t even think about alcohol anymore. 

We don’t stop until there is no longer a mental or emotional struggle around alcohol. That is what makes The PATH so different.
Most people stop drinking within just a few months of starting The PATH, which is amazing! (And if you are already alcohol-free that is great!) 

Then we focus on moving from AWAKE (no longer doing the behavior), to becoming truly ALIVE, where not drinking is effortless. 

Just as easy as riding a bike. It takes no brain power at all and you are truly happy about it!!
>> Why a year? That seems so long? And what if I join and discover it is not for me?
This is a REALLY important question. Please watch this video for a really important answer.

There is no risk. And everything to gain. I believe in this so much that if, one year from today, you’ve completed The PATH and don’t feel happily in control, The PATH is free.

If you’ve participated in the full year and are not satisfied, you can request a full refund - even after going through the entire program.
>> What if I can’t afford it?
It’s true that you are more invested when you pay for something. Whatever you’re paying for regularly, you give your time to. I believe you’ll show up, watch the videos, and do the work by investing in yourself.

This program is $6.50/day. In a survey done in one of our previous programs, the average person was spending $17/day on alcohol. So, in some ways, this program is actually saving you over $200 per month! Another way to look at this is that you are getting 37 LIVE coaching sessions for $197 per month - that is just over $5 / session. 
Not to mention all the other value. There is not a better value out there if you are truly ready to change your relationship with alcohol.
>> I’ve tried everything, I don’t think this will work for me?
Being unsure or skeptical actually has nothing to do with the results you’re going to get. 

We think we have to know something works before we take the first step, but all we really need is to have faith and begin. I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but I can promise you that it has worked for thousands of other people. The information is based on science - it’s just true, and not like anything you’ve ever tried before. 

You’ll have to take the chance and try it to see if it works for you.
But don't just take 
our word for it!
>> What is the time commitment involved?
The Coach-guided PATH is a year-long program. 

Did you know according to Molly Carmel, LCSW, the average time someone takes to stop drinking once they start trying to stop drinking is 6 years? 

If you’re serious about quitting drinking, this is your best chance to achieve it within a year. Not to mention, we recommend having support for a full calendar year to get you through the tough times and experiences you’ll go through as you do this work. Although many programs stop after the behavior is changed, we don’t stop until our desire to engage in the behavior is changed. We understand a year is a big commitment and we know you deserve to stay committed to lasting change for yourself and your life.

The daily commitment is between 6 and 20 minutes (or you can get lost in this incredible community and the bonus content for hours!). But plan on spending at least a few minutes a day engaging with the content. 

The weekly commitment is an hour for your weekly group coaching call. They are not mandatory, but we highly recommend joining as many as possible. They will soon become your favorite part of the week. 
>> How Long Do I Have Access to the Content?
As long as you are an active member inside the PATH, you will have access to the content! If you leave the program before your class ends, you will be removed from the membership area. Once you complete your year in The PATH, you will have lifetime access to the content. 
>> How is The PATH different from the Intensive 
The Intensive is wrapped into The PATH by This Naked Mind (at a much more affordable price point!), and is included as a bonus when you purchase The PATH today. 

This program (when paired with The PATH) has the power to profoundly change your life. And that’s not hype — that’s based on results from thousands of people all over the world who have found freedom from this course. 
>> When are the coaching calls?
The Coaching Calls are going to be dictated by your coaching-group. We aim to work with the group to find the best possible times for the calls. You will also have multiple calls each week to choose from so I am confident there will be a time that will work for your schedule.
>> What is the benefit of group coaching over 1:1 coaching?
Both group coaching and 1:1 coaching are important and have their place.

I do think group coaching has advantages that 1:1 doesn’t have. For example, when you get to see and hear other people’s stories and feel less alone, when you get the answers to questions you might not have thought to ask but others do, and when you get new information from a group coaching session that isn’t necessarily geared towards you or your goals, but it ends up benefiting you.

If you are not interested in live coaching, check out our self-study program - The PATH: On-Demand.
>> I’m worried about privacy, is this on Facebook?
We take your privacy very seriously and so we’ve invested in our very own, off-social media platform - This Naked Mind Companion App hosted by Might Networks. 

It has all the same great functionality as any social community, but since it is in a separate app, separate website, and separate login - you can be as private as you would like.

You won’t have to worry about: accidentally posting on your main page, your friends and family seeing that you are part of The PATH, or other members seeing personal information you would rather keep private. It is a great solution - where we have even better features, but again maintain your privacy.

In fact, if you want to join under a pseudonym to ensure anonymity you are welcome to do so as you can set up your name in the Community to anything you would like.
Our refund policy is simple. If you don’t think The PATH is for you, within the first 14 days, simply let us know and we will offer a full refund. After that, you are making a year-long commitment to your health, wellness, freedom, and happiness. 

However, I believe that The PATH is so groundbreaking, so revolutionary, and so effective that I have even raised the stakes with a risk-free guarantee... 

I believe in this program so much that, if one year from today, you’ve completed The PATH and don’t feel a mindset shift around your relationship with alcohol, The PATH is free. That means, if you've participated in the full year, can show proof of your work and attendance and are still not satisfied, you can request a full refund - even after going through the entire program. 

One. More. Time.

Did you skip to the end to see what you get and what it’ll cost? It’s okay! I do the same thing sometimes. 

Here’s the deal - when you join The PATH you’ll get ALL THIS…

12 Months of PATH Program Content ($5,757 USD Value)

Live Q&A Coaching Sessions ($1,663 USD Value)

​​Weekly Group Laser Coaching Zoom Calls ($1,297 USD Value)
Private Coaching-Group Community ($297 USD Value) 

*NEW* Monthly Live Group Coaching With Annie Grace ($5,964 USD Value)
BONUS 1: TNM's On-Demand Masterclass Library ($997 USD Value)
BONUS 2: Helping A Loved One Course ($297 USD Value)

BONUS 3: How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol Masterclass ($497 USD Value)
12 Months of PATH Program Content……………............................................………..........($5,757 USD Value)

​​Weekly Group Laser Coaching Zoom Calls.........................................................………… ($1,297 USD Value)
Private Coaching-Group Community................................................................……………... ($297 USD Value) 

BONUS 1: *NEW* Monthly Live Group Coaching With Annie Grace ..................... ($5,964 USD Value)
BONUS 2: TNM's On-Demand Masterclass Library....................……….....................…....($997 USD Value)
BONUS 3: Helping A Loved One Course ..........................................................…...………….($297 USD Value)

BONUS 4: How to Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol Masterclass.............…………...….($497 USD Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $15,106

Join Today for ONLY $1,997

Or get started today for just $197 with our 12-part extended payment plan!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Check Out What Others, Just Like You, Have to Say About Their Journey on The PATH

(And funny story, I literally have ace bandages on my wrists from writing all this to you… true story - and here is a picture. I do know now that I need an ergonomic keyboard, and it’s on order!) 
Class Begins August 1st
Now is your chance. 

Just give it a shot! How will you know it works unless you try?

Important Note:
This Naked Mind is not for you if...

You have a strong physical addiction to alcohol, and find yourself becoming physically ill or suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms whenever you cut back or abstain -- such as delirium tremens or hallucinations.

If this is you and you are truly physically addicted to alcohol, this course may help with your emotional and psychological addiction by adjusting your perspective and your relationship with alcohol, helping to erase your desires to drink, but is not a supplement for making sure you stay healthy through the process.

If you are physically addicted, please consult your doctor to receive medical assistance through the detoxification process. Your health is critical to your success!

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